Coco - Dam

Coco is a tiny 20 lb female with a big extreme frame.  She's built like a mini shemale version of her Sire (RIP) and GrandSire who both are extreme built and also Grand Champions! She has a heavy Li-Jie pedigree with her same beautiful attributes.

Remy - Dam 

She a very energetic and clean breathing frenchie that can go all day. Remy has very stacked imported pedigree on both sides with Extreme legends Bongo and Bongosan to name a few. She has had one great looking litter and is an Amazing mother. Can't wait to see what she produces for us next!

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Bleu Ivey- Dam 

She is a very thick and coompact framed girl. She is the character of the bunch as you can see her sticking her tongue out at the camera ;). She also has a heavy Hungary and Russian imported pedigree with all the attributes we look for here at RRK. We love the the short, cobby, big head, big boned dogs here on our males as well as females. Her first breeding will be to a chocolate stud that carries blue around Mid MArch so be on the lookout!